The MMP board

Current Board Members

Catherine Tanous, President, Acting Treasurer, & Co-Founder

Catherine, a Maine native, started Make Music Portland in 2013 after learning about the event while interning at the Downtown Denver Partnership in Denver, CO. She received her Master’s in Nonprofit Management from Johnson and Wales University in Providence as well as a Bachelor’s in Sports, Entertainment and Event Management. 

Currently she works as a Conference Specialist at the University of Southern Maine and serves as a board of director for the Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research. When not working at USM or on Make Music Portland, Catherine enjoys hiking, attending concerts, and brewery hopping.


Vice President, Robin Lee

Robin has been with Make Music Portland since its inception in 2013, when she and Catherine set about bringing the festival–which was only in seven other U.S. cities at the time–to Maine. Originally from New Hampshire, Robin helped to grow the event while living in Portland over the next three years, curating the programming, doing outreach to artists and attendants, promoting the day and, occasionally, spray painting the odd, Make Music Portland official volunteer t-shirt. After moving from Portland to Brooklyn, Robin built a successful online business, but remained an integral part of the annual Make Music Day celebration. Today, she lives in North Carolina and serves as the Make Music Portland Vice President, coordinating between Maine and the national Make Music Day alliance.


Secretary & Co-Founder, Max Mogensen

Max has been helping to organize Make Music Portland since its first year, when he was recruited by Catherine and Robin to help with design and marketing of the inaugural event. Since then, he has worn many hats at the organization, from managing communications and the website, to hanging posters, to jumping into the occasional harmonica lesson when a teacher can’t make it! Outside of Make Music Portland, Max owns a design and communications firm located in Portland called Maine Creative. He spends most of his time working with small businesses and nonprofits in New England, but also likes binge watching Netflix series and trying new recipes with his wife, Elif.


Jeremy Fink

Jeremy Fink has been a member of Portland’s music community for over a decade as an accompanist, ensemble player and jam host.  Inspired by a family tradition of performance and a personal love of music, he is currently band manager for the Ideal Maine Social Aid and Sanctuary Band – a community brass band designed for street performance.  When he’s not playing music, Jeremy manages a hydraulics laboratory where he leads a team developing water treatment technologies!

Past Board Members

Lorel Nazzaro

We are looking to staff our board with enthusiastic community members, musicians and artists, business owners, and networkers. Our board meets for monthly meetings to determine the larger-picture development of our organization, though members of the board are welcome to take a more hands-on role in organizing and executing the annual event. If you are interested in joining our board, we would like to hear from you.

Click the button below to view our board packet and learn more about our non-profit board, as well the opportunity to be a part of this fantastic organization.