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Virtual Play-a-Long Events

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This Make Music Day, we invite you to join in a global song swap, where you will learn a song by a local artist, and hear yours covered in return. Songwriters and composers of all styles and walks of life are invited to participate in #MySongIsYourSong.

Sign up by May 21st!

Partners will be introduced on June 5th, carefully chosen based on your registration. You’ll make their song your own, and share a video of it on June 21st with #MySongIsYourSong to join in the global celebration!

Bash the Trash

This year we are excited to expand on our Instrument Building Garden, through a national partnership with Bash the Trash! This Make Music Day, join Bash the Trash Environmental Arts in raising awareness about trash pollution by building fun instruments from found objects!

The performers and educators of Bash the Trash are offering their innovative designs for wind, percussion and string instruments for an exciting new approach to building instruments from everyday refuse. These amazing instruments tackle issues of waste and offer us an opportunity to look at “trash” in a new way. Bash the Trash has created six how to videos to help you start making music.

Once you’ve built your instruments, play “Ode to Joy” or “Baby Shark” and post it with the hashtags #BashTheTrash #MakeMusicHomeMade and #LessTrashMoreMusic to join in the celebration.

Then on June 21st, join a video call to get tips from expert Bash The Trash instrument builders, share your creations, and play them with others on Make Music Day! More details coming soon.

Track Meet

This year for Make Music Day, join composers, producers and songwriters from around the world in a collaborative race against the clock.

Over the course of six hours, teams of four musicians will create brand new original tracks in a creative relay. Using the virtual audio workstation SoundTrap, each musician will get 90 minutes to add their contribution before the next teammate takes over. At the end of the day, we will bounce each team’s track and host them online for everyone to hear.

Interested in joining the Track Meet? Register to be matched with a creative team or sign up with your own group of four musicians by June 7th.